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Hey there!

Here comes….the 2nd edition of TBB – WPRB’s Periodic Listener Newsletter…

A busy time for the only busy station. LOTS of special programming going on! LOTS of planning going on! LOTS of new music!

Ramble on with me…

WPRBreaking News

What’s goin’ on at PRB


1) Automation hour songs now playlisted!

A long-requested feature! Tech wiz Carl has launched a new metadata project. Now, all songs played during WPRB’s traditional “automation”/robotDJ hours are being logged right on our playlists. Just check out and click on the program schedule to find out what was playing before “sentient humans” (allegedly) took over the airwaves

2) Tune-In now receiving song/artist info!

If you stream WPRB through Tune-In rather than, you should now be able to see the song title and artist right on Tune-In! Way to gooooo Carl 🙂 Same feature (but better) coming to WPRB’s native webstream very soon.

3) Streaming WPRB on Amazon devices…now fixed?

We heard from a lot of listeners that they weren’t able to stream WPRB through their Alexa-equipped spybots…After months of trading soul-sucking emails with various soul-sucking corporate entities, we have reason to believe that you should be able to stream WPRB through Alexa-equipped devices by saying “Play WPRB Princeton” or “Play Princeton radio”

Stream away, hopefully!

Still not working? Let us know by emailing [email protected] 🙂


What’s goin’ on (on) the airwaves – A LOT!!!

Comin’ up…

They Are Gutting a Body Of Water (Philly Band!) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

12:00PM ET – Sunday, 08/08

The hottest shoegazin’ band this side of the Merrimack, TAGABOW joins DJ McSweden of Princeton Blue Ribbon (PBR) for a chat and guest DJ set. Big name to watch in the year’s ahead, their noisey-2019 release Destiny XL is one of the bumpiest, funnest, and all around greeattt releases of the last couple years

Listen to TAGABOW’s Destiny XL (2003)

Movietone (Bristol, UK – 1990s-early 2Ks) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

8:00 PM ET – Thursday, 8/12

A band which defies categorization born out of the rich “other Bristol” underground of the 1990s (a scene which includes Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent, Movietone, and others) Kate Wright of the band Movietone, Crescent, and 1000 Dawns talks to Dante of TRTRS about the scene, touring, and making music which surprises you in it’s chaotic, improvisational beauty. A truly great all-DIY-all-the-time musician whose styles bridge improvisational jazz, slowcore, and general DIYerism!

Listen to Movietone’s The Sand and the Stars (2003)

Jessica Bailiff (Toledo, OH – Kranky Records) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

8:00 PM ET – Thursday, 09/02

An influential name in the ever-influential Kranky catalog, Jessica Bailiff has been active since the 1990s making ethereal, droning, and utterly beautiful tracks. Having collaborated with musicians including Low’s Alan Sparhawk and Flying Saucer Attack’s David Pierce, her influence can be heard in the likes of Grouper (some consider Jessica Bailiff to be the “proto-Grouper”). Another true DIYer, Jessica talked to Dante of TRTRS about making music, where the future lies, and how she look back upon her earliest works.

Listen to Jessica Bailiff on Bandcamp

Recently aired….

Ill Nuovo Anormale – Obscure Italian Prog Rock

Aired originally Friday 08/06 – 7AM

Dave The Obscure digs deep into the catalog of Rock Progressivo Italiano ( RPI), presenting a 3 hour retrospective of this fertile prog rock subgenre that evolved in Italy in the early 1970s, but remains mostly unknown and unheard in the USA. You’ll hear music from the best of the over 400 bands that have unfairly dwelled in obscurity.

See full playlist here

Zach Phillips (of Fievel is Glauque, Blanche Blanche Blanche, Perfect Angels, OSR Tapes, and so much more…) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

In a special interview with Ameena of Clowntronics, the prolific and mind-melty Zach Philips discusses Uruguayan music, psychoanalysis, recording and creative processes. The show also features a special guest DJ set by Zach! Check out his most recently released album, Feed a Pigeon, Breed a Rat out on “la Loi” and the rest of his projects and collaborations.

Listen to archived show here!

Comin’ up, eventually…

Stabscotch (Pittsburgh) – Interview + Guest DJ Set

MONDAY DATE TBD – Stay tuned on WPRB social media!

An experimental rock band out the other big P in the big P (pitts…), Stabscotch makes music which looks like the wonderfully designed graphic right here. Stay tuned for debut date of this special interview with Catherine of Rosasolis Dream (Mondays 8-11PM)

Listen to Stabscotch on Bandcamp

Wednesday (Ashville, NC – Ordinal Records) – Interview

SUNDAY DATE TBD – Stay tuned on WPRB social media!

With their highly-anticipated sophomore album Twin Plagues coming out Orindal Records on August 13, 2021, Wednesday – a twangy, gazey 5 piece out of NC – will talk to DJ McSweden of Princeton Blue Ribbon. Their 2020 LP I Was Trying to Describe You To Someone was a PRB-fave for a very difficult year. Nostalgic, searching, and catchy tracks inspired by the likes of Swirlies

Buy Twin Plagues on Bandcamp



Schedule droppin’ sometime soonish 🙂

Mark your calendars


Events & stuff


Secret work-in-progress…a secret treat just for you, fine TBB subscriber – the future is HYBRID

Let’s just say….it has something to do with…………………..real radio broadcast stuff…..and dreams of a hybrid future (more info…soon)

WPRB History

Radio Striptease on “The Magic of Radio”

By Marc Fisher ’80, PRB ALUM

The Magic of Radio was a late-night, sometimes all-night, program that aired once a week from about 1977 to 1980. It was a mix of music, juvenile nonsense, brilliant satire and pathetically bad taste.

We tried to stay as close to the legal and moral edge as possible. We had a weatherman with a speech impediment that rendered him entirely incomprehensible. We had a substitute weatherman who was sentenced to stand at an (imaginary) outdoor phone booth in Kingston whenever there was significant snow or, his personal favorite, freezing rain. We had a sports reporter who never once made it on the air; he always seemed to be delayed at a bar across the street. The news was read by Gus Gil, whose booming voice made the acts of a New Jersey state magistrate seem like the coming of the Lord.


Read full article at WPRB History!

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That’s all for now

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Until we meet again, in Triple Berry Blob

Signed lovingly in unironic comic sans,

Dante Sudilovsky
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Triple Berry Blob #1


Only WPRB’s Only Newsletter, Only

1st edition of 1,033

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Hey there!

This is Dante, the station manager of the only sentient radio station in the state of Nu Jazzy.

A lot of you told us that you wanted to hear from us more throughout the year – so we’ve decided to launch our very own PERIODIC NEWSLETTER: TRIPLE BERRY BLOB.

Some of what you can expect from TBB:

WPRBreaking News: What’s goin’ on at the station

WProgrammingRB: What’s goin’ to be played on the air – special interviews, shows, and more!

WPhenomenomRB: Events WPRB is going to be at, shows we’re hosting, upcoming merch, etc.~!

WPoetryaRtBooks: Coooool art, interviews, and more content that we’ve been cooking in our melty brains

WPRB History: old school PRB memories 🙂

LET’S GOOOO – First Edition of TBB

WPRBreaking News

What’s goin’ on at PRB

  • We’re hard at work on lots of behind-the-scenes projects to improve the station – including investigating a 2nd (!!) stream, investing in artist-centered content like interviews, and working to integrate our playlist data with all HD radios and online streaming!!
  • We just launched a listener newsletter! The one which is burning into your eclipse-damaged retina right now! Tell your friends!
  • We’re still operating on the cybernetic optical internet waves sans studio

WPRB Art Drive

Attention local artists, graphic designers, and creative weirdos!

Ever feel the urge to doodle while listening to your favorite radio program or sketch some wacky independent-radio-inspired effigy that could totally be the next WPRB mascot? Submit your WPRB inspired t-shirt and sticker designs for our Fall 2021 drive!

WPRB is accepting art submissions now through July 26th

Find out all the deets of the Art Drive here


What’s goin’ on (on) the airwaves

Interview & Guest DJ Set w/ Dusty Reske of Rocketship

Thursday 07/22 – 8PM

Their 1996 A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness is considered a cult classic – one of the best pop albums of the 1990s. Dusty Reske talks with Dante of the Right to Remain Silent (me) about how he got into making music, what he’s been working on lately, and his excellent 2019 album Thanks to You. A TRUE LEGEND you DON’T WANNA MISS!

Rocketship on Bandcamp

Interview w/ Adam Elk of The Mommyheads

Thursday 07/22 – 12PM

Adam Elk of the 80s-90s NYC-Based indie pop rock band The Mommyheads joins Esoterica of the Sonic Bloom for a chat about music and what they’re up to these days!

Interview w/ Tom Scharpling

Aired originally Thursday 06/30 – 6PM

Legendary comedian, DJ, writer, producer, music video director (and more!) joins Jon Solomon for an epic interview about Tom’s new memoir It Never Ends🙂

Listen to Archived Interview/Show

Interview & Guest DJ Set w/ Pat Flegel of Cindy Lee & Women

Aired originally Thursday 07/01 – 8PM

Their 2020 What’s Tonight to Eternity was the most played record at WPRB for the entire year! Pat Flegel talked to Dante of the Right to Remain Silent about topics ranging from their projects Cindy Lee to Kenneth Anger to the Apocalypse to Richard Harris’ McArthur Park. Listen to the show down below if you missed it 🙂

Listen to Archived Interview/Show

Lest we forget….

WPRB’s LABORWAVE – a day of freaky weirdo specialty radio – is comin’ in hot on 09/06/2021.

Make your calendars, fire up those air fryers, canvass the suburbs. A whole day of radio based on the deranged thematic inquiries of our DJs….it’s gonna be good…


Events & stuff

We were at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market back in May! Thanks for everyone who came and said hi 🙂 We’ll be back!

WPRB History

WPRB via Three Inches of Putrid Water

By Scott Fulmer , PRB alum ’90

I remember a lot of failures. Failing to cue the right song, failing to turn on the mic, failing to read the weather report. Near-failing grades, too. Every DJ has nightmares of irrevocable failures and total chaos, only to wake up and be thankful that real mistakes are quickly lost in the atmosphere.

There were failed promotion stunts, like the rain of nerf balls dropped by the Raritan Valley Flying School over the live Communiversity broadcast on Nassau Street. The lucky person who returned a certain colored ball to Axel’s booth would have won a weekend to Florida, or something like that. However, the wind carried the balls away from the center of town. I don’t know if anyone claimed the prize….


Read full article at WPRB History!

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Thanks for listening, thanks for reading, thanks for donating, thanks for subscribing <3

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Until we meet again, in Triple Berry Blob

Signed lovingly in unironic comic sans,

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WPRB Princeton
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The Triple Berry Blob is WPRB Princeton’s Periodic Listener newsletter! Filled with news, graphics, and goodies

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Submit Art to WPRB!

Attention local artists, graphic designers, and creative weirdos! Ever feel the urge to doodle while listening to your favorite radio program or sketch some wacky independent-radio-inspired effigy that could totally be the next WPRB mascot? Submit your WPRB inspired t-shirt and sticker designs for our Fall 2021 drive!

WPRB is accepting art submissions now through July 26th!

Details: Art should be scaled large (around 12” x 12”) and high resolution (300 dpi or higher). We prefer vector files, but high resolution .PNG or .PDF scans are acceptable as well. The art must include some representation of our name, “WPRB 103.3 FM Princeton,” though it does not have to be a central component of the overall design.

Compensation: As supporters of independent music and art, we at WPRB completely understand that you’d like to be compensated for your hard work. If we decide to use your art for our website or next batch of Membership Drive swag, we will send you a big ol’ pile of past WPRB swag and the item your art was featured on!

Please send all submissions and any questions to [email protected].

Examples of past submissions:

2020 was a year of change.

Good and bad, public and private, political and personal, 2020 forced us to reevaluate how and why we do everyday things.

Radio has been no exception. Without a studio or traditional equipment, our tech and programming directors had to get creative, quickly adopting new technologies to make sure our DJs could get back on the air as soon as possible. And while we’re making it work, a lot of things are not as they used to be. We no longer have access to our immense collection of CDs and vinyl, which we started before the 1960s. We can no longer host bands, hold interviews, or invite guest DJs for in-studio performances. Most of all, we don’t have that distinct, chaotic, punk-show-bathroom-meets-tacky-grandma environment to inspire our on-air babble. We’ll be back there someday, but the end is not quite in sight.

But ultimately, change is built into our station. We’ve come a long way from that small AM transmitter in H. Grant Theis’s dorm room, ca. 1940. We jumped on the FM train in 1955, over a decade before it became mainstream. WPRB’s hip-hop shows brought us underground rap back in the 80s, even before MTV’s Yo! graced our TV sets. WPRB sees the change, opens the door, and tells it to come right on in.

While the changes brought on by COVID were not all pleasant or welcome, we’re finding ways to make the best of it. We’ve brought back live broadcasts, nearly round-the-clock programming, and special (remote) guests, whenever possible. We’re even building a virtual community in our interactive online playlists, where hosts and listeners alike share memories, memes, and cooking tips.

To celebrate all of the change we’ve undergone in our 80 years of broadcasting and all the change we will undergo in years to come, this year’s membership drive will feature an 8-episode series of audio collages featuring interviews, promos, airchecks, and more from each decade of WPRB. To those who haven’t yet pledged to donate monthly, we earnestly ask that you make this commitment. And as a thank you for supporting us through all our evolutions, you’ll receive a sick WPRB phrog shirt! COVID has severely limited our ability to send out swag, so only monthly donors will receive shirts this year. To those who’ve pledged before, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us keep going—monthly donations are invaluable to our survival—and we’d appreciate any additional one-time or recurring gifts you can make. As an existing donor, you will automatically receive this year’s shirt. High-pledging members will receive all of the audio on a custom USB!

Our Spring 2021 Membership Drive will be

Thursday, April 8th through Saturday, April 17th.

Unfortunately, to keep our DJs safe, phone-in donations will not be an option in 2021. You can make your tax-deductible pledge between the above dates by visiting our secure, encrypted pledge site,, or filling out and mailing the form on the back of this letter. Rest assured, WPRB never shares your personal information. Thank you for helping us do what we love for the communities we love. Catch you on the airwaves!

Radio Love,

Iris Ushizima 

Development Director, WPRB 103.3FM

Playlist for The World’s Fare with Pangeo, September 3rd, 2020

Aired 7-10AM


Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra –   Argentina national anthem – The Complete National Anthems of the World

Kiki Valera – Mi Son – Vivencias en Clave Cubana

————————mic   break——————

Vusi Mahlasela – Intombi – Shebeen Queen

Shu-Bi-Dua – Konen Med Aeggene – Shu-Bi-Dua 18

Shri – Trains – Untouchable Outcaste Beats, Vol. 1

Kali Mutsa – Cancion de Amor Colla – Souvenance

Tahaninte – Solane – Rough Guide to Mali Blues

——————mic break————

*Das Das – Ich Bin Leer – Das Das

Fairuz – Maaritfi Feek – Maaritfi Feek

Alex Cuba – Dividido (w/Silvana Estrada) – Sublime

Kokoko! – Love – Fongola

Ando Drom – Sza Tele Zsav – Phari Mamo

——————mic break—————

Kitka – Mze Shina Da Mze Gareta – Evening Star


*Céu – Nada Irreal – APKA!

Cheb Mami – Viens Habibi – Dellali

Ruins – L’Homme Tete du Chou – Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg

Gaji – Eleven Maladies – Land of the Rising Noise, Vol. 2

———————mic break—————

La Misa Negra – Pistola – single

Dumama + Kechou – Leaving Prison – Buffering juju

Ateshkhan Yuseinov – Nine Camels – Strange Suite

Golem – Chervona Ruta – Citizen Boris

Thiago Nassif – Vóz Única Foto Sem Calçinha – Mente

—————— mic break ————

Soul Brothers – Idlozi – Rough Guide to the Soul Brothers

Morente and Lagartija Nick – Aleluya – Omena

RiAa – Watch U Baby – Yozosooknyo 

Chico Trujillo – Linda Secretaria – Gran Pecador

 —————— mic break ———

Bones & Tones – Dance for Suwoo – Bones & Tones


*Telepathic Band – Lore Levels – Telepathic Mysteries Vol. 1

Masma Dream World – Becoming the Magician – Play at Night

Westmoreland – The Sparrow – Cast Fire

Jeremy Cunningham – The Breaks – The Weather Up There

Trini Lopez – Celitio Lindo – The Best of …

numün – First Steps – Voyage au Soleil

————— mic break ——————

Ismail Haron and the Guys – Bersedia – Steam Kodok: A-Go-Go Ultrararities From The 60’s Singapore and S. E. Asia Underground

*Winter – Wherever You Are – Endless Space (Between You & I)

Jaga Jazzist – Spiral Era – Pyramid

Genevieve Artadi – Feels Tru – Dizzy Strange Summer

Dopolarians – Guilty Happy – Clandestine 2019 Highlights

Playlist for Learn How to Knit with David Borts, September 2nd, 2020

Aired 11PM-1AM

Arcana – Infinity – As Bright as a Thousand Suns

bel canto – A shoulder to the Wheel – Birds of Passage

In The Nursery – Miracle Road – Exhibit

Love Spirals Downwards – City Moon – Flux

Hrvatski – Paint It Black – Swarm & Dither

Meg Lee Chin, Martin Atkins – Swallowing You – Dr. Speedlove Presents: Chemical Warfare (Mix Mix Boom Boom)


Tony Price – Interview – Interview / Discount

Serge Gainsbourg, Michel Colombier – Psychastenie (Miles’ drum edit)

Pigface – Closer To Heaven – Easy Listening

Primal Scream – Slip Inside This House – Screamadelica

Primal Scream – Higher than the Sun: A Dub Symphony in Two Parts – Screamadelica


The Orb – Ital Orb (Too Blessed to Be Stressed Mix) – Abolition of the Royal Familia

Sheep On Drugs, Bagman – Strange Days – Dr. Speedlove Presents: Chemical Warfare (Mix Mix Boom Boom)

Controlled Bleeding – Trang & I – High Priests of Electronic Dub

Pigface – Kiss King (Saint James Mix) – Below the Belt


Pigface – Radio Bagpipe (Martin Vs 909 Fight To The Death Mix) – Clubhead

Martin Atkins & The Chicago Industrial League – The Spirit of Christmas – An Industrial Christmas Carol

Pigface – Empathy (Front Muted) – Feels Like Heaven… Sounds Like Shit!


DJ Donna Summer – Chicken Dance – Monster of Cock Rock Disco

Playlist for Powerclashing with DJ Pethie, September 2nd, 2020

Aired 8-11PM

Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila – s/t

Harry Nilsson – Together – Aerial Ballet

Slits – Difficult Fun – Return of the Giant Slits

LWW/Luke Wyland – POR(EDT) – POR(EDT)

The Sound – I Can’t Escape Myself – Jeopardy

The Liminanas – Je ne suis pas tres drogue – s/t

(Bed Music: Kelpe – Intermission)

Sister Sledge – Do the Funky Do – Together

Antena – Sissexa – Camino Del Sol

Giant Swan – The Plaque – Whities 016

Chris&Cosey – Driving Blind – Songs of Love & Lust

Bryan Ferry – Carrickfergus – The Bride Stripped Bare

Amon Tobin – Saboteur – Supermodified

Novalis – Dronsz – Soul Jazz: Deutsche Electronische Musik

Cluster – Heisse Lippen – Zuckerzeit

Yusef Lateef – Purple Flower – Eastern Sounds

*Turning Jewels into Water – Flower in Flames – Our Reflection Adorned…

Brigitte Bardot – Un jour comme un autre – BB 64

Brigitte Fontaine – Ah Que la vie est belle – Ah Que la vie est belle

Brigitte Fontaine – L’ete l’ete – Comme a la radio

Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell – Makondi – El Corazon

Patrick Cowley – 5oz of Funk – Muscle Up

Julia Holter – Gold Dust Woman – single

Stargard – Disco Rufus – s/t

Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou – Sembe Sembe Boudou – The Bariba Sound

Lifetones – Good Side – For a Reason

Maximum Joy – Simmer til Done – single

Angel Olsen – (We Are All Mirrors) – Whole New Mess

Riechmann 0 Himmelblau – Wunderbar

Eno Moebius Roedelius – The Belldog – After the Heat

Harald Grosskopf – So weit,so gut – Synthesist

Liars – Cred Woes – TFCF

Battles – Ambulance – Juice B Crypts

RAKTA – Fim do Mundo – Falha Comum

itchy-O – Gallow’s Disco – From the Overflowing

Robert Wyatt – Sea Song – Rock Bottom

Brainticket – Places of Light – Cottonwoodhill

Minnie Riperton – Lew Fleurs – Come to my garden

Underworld – Jumbo – Beaucoup Fish

Playlist for Free4All with Number 6, August 31st, 2020

Aired 11PM-2AM

Nazz-Wildwood Blues-S/T

*Eli Winter-Dark Light-Unbecoming

*George Shaw-Phone Home-Encounters

Dan Ar Braz-Borders Of Salt-Borders Of Salt

David Van Tieghem-InAGaddaDaVida-Single


David & David-Welcome To The Boomtown-Boomtown

Jade Warrior-Wind Borne-Elements: The Island Anthology

Mazzy Star-Into Dust-So Tonight That I Might See

The Sundays-Wild Horses-Blind

Wolf Larsen-If I Be Wrong-Quiet At The Kitchen Door


Fever Ray-Keep The Streets Empty For Me-S/T


*Frank Potenza-Freddie’s Dead-Sand Dance

*Mumia-Massacre Da Serra Electrica 2-S/T

Judge Dread-Big Six-The Beast Of

Judge Dread-Big Seven-The Beast Of


Martin Roth-An Analog Guy In A Digital World-Chilltronica No. 6

DJ Lava-The Lord Is With Us (Original Mix)-Single

Yakuro-Constellation Of Tatyana-Single


Hans Zimmer-Now We Are Free (Magdelayna Remix)-Single

Sascha Funke-Mango-Mango

Worakis-Coeur De La Nuit-Single


Dreaming Cooper-The Water Element-Mysterious Places

Neuroq-Exrernal Intention-Single

Bright Eyes-First Day Of My Life-I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning


Labor Day, September 7th, 2020

it wouldn’t be labor day without laborers listening to laborwave

on wprb.


Playlist for Dan Buskirk, August 31st, 2020

Aired 12-3PM

Dee Dee Bridgewater – People Make the World Go Round – Afro Blue 

David Lord – Blue Morpho – Forest Standards Vol. 2 

Jeff Parker – The Relative – The Relatives 

Desertion Trio w/ Jamie Saft – Fascination Fadeaway – Midtown Tilt 

Mary Halvorson – Torturer’s Reverse Delight – Reverse Blue 

Oneness of JuJu – Soul Love Now – Space Jungle Luv 

Byard Lancaster – Drummers from Ibadan – My Pure Joy 

Okyerema Asante – Follow Me – Drum Message

Experience Unlimited – People – Free Yourself 

Eric Revis – Earl and the Three-Fifths Compromise – Slipknots Through the Looking Glass 

Terri Lyne Carrington + Social Studies – Dreams and Desperate Measures – Waiting Game 

Tomeka Reid Quartet – Ballad – Old/New 

Stanley Cowell – Travelin’ Man – Musa: Ancestral Streams 

Sara Serpa and Ran Blake – Short Life of Barbara Monk – Camera Obscura 

McCoy Tyner – Mode for Dulcimer – Focal Point 

The Art Ensemble of Chicago – Oasis at Dusk – We Are on the Edge 

Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Boogie Woogie String Along For Real – Boogie Woogie String Along For Real 

Taylor Ho Bynum 9-tette – Neither Whether or When – The Ambiguity Manifesto

David Sanborn – Jesus – Another Hand 

Vladislav Delay Meets Sly & Robbie – (516) – 500 Push-up 

Spun Out – Another House – Touch the Sound 

Eleventh Dream Day – For Martha – Zeros and Ones 

Jefferson Airplane – In Time – Crown of Creation

Sufjan Stevens – America – 12” single 

Tuxedomoon – In a Manner of Speaking – Holy War 

Sneaks – You’ve Got a Lot of Issues – Happy Birthday 

The Cure – Screw – Head On the Door 

Henriette Coulouvrat – Can’t You Take a Joke? Ha Ha Hi Hi – Musik Music Musique (1980 | The Dawn Of Synth Pop 

Ren Harvieu – Teenage Mascara Revel in the Drama 

The Rationals – Guitar Army – s/t 

Eddie Fisher & The Next One Hundred Years – Either Or – s/t