Playlist for The Right to Remain Silent with Dante, May 18th, 2020

Crisman – Portrait- S/T 

Helvetia – Leading Towards an End- Helvetia’s Junk Shop 

Slowdive – Catch the Breeze – Just for A Day

Eliza Edens – Days, Nights, Time Way From Time 

Coaltar of the Deepers  – Good Morning – NO THANK YOU

Southpacific – Built to Last -Constance 

Codeine – Gravel Bed – Frigid Stars 

Acetone – Shore Power – 1992-2001 

Sugar plant – slowdown – hiding place 

Bethany Curve- Ann Illusion – You Brought Us Here

Blind Mr. Jones – Sisters – Stereo Musicale

Burrrn – Eye’s in Mortion – Blaze Down His Way like the Space Show

Caroline Lazar – Nevermine – Nevermine

Nana Grizol – South Somewhere Else – South Somewhere Else 

Make a Rising – Baby It’s Worth It – Mercy and Severity 

Super Static Fever – Areness for Fun – Silent Dynamic Torture

Pezzettino – Somewhere North of Pescadero – Venus

Toner – Dark Ecstasy – Silk Road

State Park Ranger & Ceben – Days Gone–Days Gone 

Jordana – I’ll Take it Boring – I’ll Take it Boring

Orpine – Grown Ungrown – Grown Ungrown

The Emerald Down – Choffi – Scream the Sound 

May Rio – Monkey Do (Demo) – The Sound is Coming from Inside the House 

Format War – Destroy – Demo 

Sorespot – Potential for Growth – Gifts of Consciousness 

Candy Claws –Two Airships– Two Airships/Exploder Falls