Playlist for SLOP with Pax, May 22nd, 2020


draag me – Why Do You Feel Nothing?

John Maus – Keep Pushing On

Molly Nilsson – (Won’t Somebody) Take Me Out Tonight

Water From Your Eyes – Look

Ela Orleans – Apparatus

Vanity Fairy – All Time Baby

The Guest – Theme from Failure, Pt. 1

Dead Recipe – Baba Yaga

Dead Recipe – Milky Oolong

Ada Babar – At Me Like

Kasra Kurt – Rough Rug

Sam Leidig – Mercedes Bent

Bjork, Mark Bell – Possibly Maybe – Lucy Mix

Infinity Dance Complex – Steady Dirt

Raisa K – Bowl With A Hole

Raisa K – Feeder

The Chinese Stars – Left Brain

Man Made Hill – Leather Town

Free Time – Pasquale Lives (Kool Toad)

Michachu & The Shapes – Golden Phone

Jackie Lynn – Smile

Anna Luisa, Ana Roxanne – Maintenance in Loving

Lynks Afrikka – I Don’t Know What I Want

Lynka Afrikka – How to Make a Bechamel Sauce in 10 Steps

Slap [Unmodified] – Harm Reduction

Nun – Evoke the Sleep

Suicide – Swearin’ To The Flag

Sneaks – Figure 8

Sneaks – Mars in Virgo

Beak > – Pill

Beak > – Eggdog

21 Jumpsuit – Who Lives Next Door

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Moody Day

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Old Yes

Shah Marg – Ashram

Eola – Big Chestined Nights

Salmon – Apology 1

The Dreebs – My Killer

Renaldo & The Load – Boule!

Gelbart – WWI hamster diorama – World War I Hamster Diorama

Drahla – Godstar

Eric Copeland – U.F.O.s Over Vampire City

Russian Tsarlag – Feels so Good

Cindy Lee – The Limit

Broadcast – Lights Out

Pram – Chrysalis

Carla dal Forno – What You Gonna Do Now?

Lemon Meringue Die – I Would Be People Who Could Fly