Playlist for SLOP with Pax, June 30th, 2020

Молчат Дома – Технология

Carol – Breakdown

Suicide – Love So Lovely

Tom Diabo – Life Is No Fun

Jack Name – Running After Ganymede

Tubeway Army – Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Early Version)

Tubeway Army – Replicas (Early Version)

David Bowie – Art Decade

Badaboum – Stix

OXZ – Vivian

Trace Mountains – forgiveness

Emily Yacina – Keep Up

Trans FX – Tall Buildings

Trans FX – Beatnik

Alden Penner – Beauty of the Lamb

Stayne – Sailor

BOBO – Climb the Limb

Wolfgang Strutz – Leo

Lipsticism – Divisions

Mahjongg – Bbg-9298

Mahjongg – Felicity

We Are The World – Why Can’t I Be You?

Astrid Quay, Ariel Pink – The Caterpillar

Boothby – Diamond Ring

Juana Molina – Cara de Espejo

CCFX – Venetian Screens

Anna Bo – Dark Days