Playlist for SLOP with Pax, August 25th, 2020


Malaria! – Kaltes Klares Wasser

Aurat – Kya Hua

Aurat – Nasha

Mark Stewart – Slave of Love

New Order – Evil Dust

Blunt – PRAYER 2015

A. C. Marias – One Of Our Girls Have Gone Missing

Matchess – Ossify Them

The Arms of Someone New – St. Katherine

[[[[VVRSSNN]]]] – Come Out – K-Hole Version

Standing On The Corner – G-E-T-O-U-T!!! The Ghetto – Pt. II

Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard Round Your Bed

Animal Collective – Rain In Cups

Duncan Trussell – I Am Not Alive

Snowy Red – Baby Tonight

Polyphonic Size – Kosmik Rok

Russian Tsarlag – This Waltz

Tracey Trance – Richard Three Dog Bite / Mouth of the South

Nina Ryser – Izzy’s Movie

Starla Online – Starla’s Hex

Lily & Horn Horse – Tree

LUCY – Tight Hold

Cal Fish – Treadmill of Destruction

The Cradle – Call Out Dub

Das Kabinette – Something’s on Your Mind

Eric Random – Subliminal