Playlist for Dan Buskirk, June 16th, 2020

Joe McPhee & Hamid Drake – Keep Going – Keep Going

Kahil El’Zabar featuring David Murray – In My House – Kahil El’Zabar’s Spirit Groove
Abbey Lincoln – Africa – People in Me

Nicole Mitchell & Lisa E. Harris – Yes and Know – EarthSeed
Rashied Ali and Leroy Jenkins – Swift Are the Winds of Life – Swift Are the Winds of Life
Kali Z. Fasteau & Kidd Jordan – Solace (Transcendance IV) – People Of The Ninth: New Orleans And The Hurricane 2005 

Roscoe Mitchell with Ostravaska Banda – Distant Radio Transmission – Distant Radio Transmission Also Nonnah Trio Cutouts for Woodwind Quintet and 8.8.88
Dave Glasser – It’s a Small World – Hypocrisy Democracy

Sarah Tandy – Snake in the Grass – Infection in the Sentence
Fred Hopkins and Diedre Murray – Doo Wop II – Prophesy

James Carney Sextet – Gerrymandered – Pure Heart
Mary Lou Williams Trio – Caravan – Live at Rck’s Cafe Americain, Chicago

The Peace – Black Power – Black Power
Coriky – Clean Kill – Coriky
Papas Fritas – Hey Hey You Say – Helioself

LA Priest – What Moves – Gene
Prince & The Revolution – Tambourine – Around the World in a Day
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down – Phenom – Temple
DeStructos – She’s Got the Master Plan – Blast!

Built To Spill – Life in Vain – Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnston
Juniper – Kids on My Corner – Juniper
Bobby Darin – Me & Mr. Hohner – Commitment

Sparks – All That – A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip
Love – You Set the Scene – Forever Changes
Jordan O’Jordan – Balloon or Sinking Ship – Not Style, Nor Season, Nor Hard Handed Lesson

Gum – Low to Low – Out in the World