2020 was a year of change.

Good and bad, public and private, political and personal, 2020 forced us to reevaluate how and why we do everyday things.

Radio has been no exception. Without a studio or traditional equipment, our tech and programming directors had to get creative, quickly adopting new technologies to make sure our DJs could get back on the air as soon as possible. And while we’re making it work, a lot of things are not as they used to be. We no longer have access to our immense collection of CDs and vinyl, which we started before the 1960s. We can no longer host bands, hold interviews, or invite guest DJs for in-studio performances. Most of all, we don’t have that distinct, chaotic, punk-show-bathroom-meets-tacky-grandma environment to inspire our on-air babble. We’ll be back there someday, but the end is not quite in sight.

But ultimately, change is built into our station. We’ve come a long way from that small AM transmitter in H. Grant Theis’s dorm room, ca. 1940. We jumped on the FM train in 1955, over a decade before it became mainstream. WPRB’s hip-hop shows brought us underground rap back in the 80s, even before MTV’s Yo! graced our TV sets. WPRB sees the change, opens the door, and tells it to come right on in.

While the changes brought on by COVID were not all pleasant or welcome, we’re finding ways to make the best of it. We’ve brought back live broadcasts, nearly round-the-clock programming, and special (remote) guests, whenever possible. We’re even building a virtual community in our interactive online playlists, where hosts and listeners alike share memories, memes, and cooking tips.

To celebrate all of the change we’ve undergone in our 80 years of broadcasting and all the change we will undergo in years to come, this year’s membership drive will feature an 8-episode series of audio collages featuring interviews, promos, airchecks, and more from each decade of WPRB. To those who haven’t yet pledged to donate monthly, we earnestly ask that you make this commitment. And as a thank you for supporting us through all our evolutions, you’ll receive a sick WPRB phrog shirt! COVID has severely limited our ability to send out swag, so only monthly donors will receive shirts this year. To those who’ve pledged before, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us keep going—monthly donations are invaluable to our survival—and we’d appreciate any additional one-time or recurring gifts you can make. As an existing donor, you will automatically receive this year’s shirt. High-pledging members will receive all of the audio on a custom USB!

Our Spring 2021 Membership Drive will be

Thursday, April 8th through Saturday, April 17th.

Unfortunately, to keep our DJs safe, phone-in donations will not be an option in 2021. You can make your tax-deductible pledge between the above dates by visiting our secure, encrypted pledge site, pledge.wprb.com, or filling out and mailing the form on the back of this letter. Rest assured, WPRB never shares your personal information. Thank you for helping us do what we love for the communities we love. Catch you on the airwaves!

Radio Love,

Iris Ushizima 

Development Director, WPRB 103.3FM

1980s, The Goofy Side of WPRB

Our longest & most entertaining episode yet! Listen to a collection of promos, airchecks, satirical pieces, and interviews from the 80s at WPRB!

Having trouble playing this audio? Download it here.

1970s, Special Guests at WPRB

Poco, Jean Shepherd, Curtis Mayfield… just a few of many special guests featured at WPRB—through interviews, cohosting, or radio promotions—during the 1970s.

Having trouble playing this audio? Download it here.

WPressRB: 1960s, WPRB for the Community

WPRB for the Community: Established and comfortable at 103.3 on the FM dial, in the 1960s WPRB has begun to take some risks. Staff at WPRB were registered with the state of New Jersey as certified journalists, complete with official press passes for news events. In this audio, hear some of the news reports that were aired in the 1960s, as well as real live footage of WPRB reporting on the New York City blackout and the Princeton Vietnam Moratorium.

Having trouble playing this audio? Download it here.

1950s, The Big Switch

The Big Switch: WPRU, AM radio, becomes WPRB in stereo FM! DJs and directors at the station are committed to the station’s success, always improving the technology and building a WPRB culture. The 1950s is when we made ourselves known as the legitimate—and worthwhile—Princeton Broadcasting Service, Inc.

This audio features actual recordings from WPRB in the 1950s.

Having trouble playing this audio? Download it here.

WPRBaby: 1940s, WPRU

WPRU, Princeton AM Radio. From our inauguration in H. Grant Theis’s dorm room in Pyne Hall, December 1940, through our growth into a student organization. Listen to some anecdotes from fellas who worked at WPRU way back when.

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Playlist for The World’s Fare with Pangeo, September 3rd, 2020

Aired 7-10AM


Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra –   Argentina national anthem – The Complete National Anthems of the World

Kiki Valera – Mi Son – Vivencias en Clave Cubana

————————mic   break——————

Vusi Mahlasela – Intombi – Shebeen Queen

Shu-Bi-Dua – Konen Med Aeggene – Shu-Bi-Dua 18

Shri – Trains – Untouchable Outcaste Beats, Vol. 1

Kali Mutsa – Cancion de Amor Colla – Souvenance

Tahaninte – Solane – Rough Guide to Mali Blues

——————mic break————

*Das Das – Ich Bin Leer – Das Das

Fairuz – Maaritfi Feek – Maaritfi Feek

Alex Cuba – Dividido (w/Silvana Estrada) – Sublime

Kokoko! – Love – Fongola

Ando Drom – Sza Tele Zsav – Phari Mamo

——————mic break—————

Kitka – Mze Shina Da Mze Gareta – Evening Star


*Céu – Nada Irreal – APKA!

Cheb Mami – Viens Habibi – Dellali

Ruins – L’Homme Tete du Chou – Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg

Gaji – Eleven Maladies – Land of the Rising Noise, Vol. 2

———————mic break—————

La Misa Negra – Pistola – single

Dumama + Kechou – Leaving Prison – Buffering juju

Ateshkhan Yuseinov – Nine Camels – Strange Suite

Golem – Chervona Ruta – Citizen Boris

Thiago Nassif – Vóz Única Foto Sem Calçinha – Mente

—————— mic break ————

Soul Brothers – Idlozi – Rough Guide to the Soul Brothers

Morente and Lagartija Nick – Aleluya – Omena

RiAa – Watch U Baby – Yozosooknyo 

Chico Trujillo – Linda Secretaria – Gran Pecador

 —————— mic break ———

Bones & Tones – Dance for Suwoo – Bones & Tones


*Telepathic Band – Lore Levels – Telepathic Mysteries Vol. 1

Masma Dream World – Becoming the Magician – Play at Night

Westmoreland – The Sparrow – Cast Fire

Jeremy Cunningham – The Breaks – The Weather Up There

Trini Lopez – Celitio Lindo – The Best of …

numün – First Steps – Voyage au Soleil

————— mic break ——————

Ismail Haron and the Guys – Bersedia – Steam Kodok: A-Go-Go Ultrararities From The 60’s Singapore and S. E. Asia Underground

*Winter – Wherever You Are – Endless Space (Between You & I)

Jaga Jazzist – Spiral Era – Pyramid

Genevieve Artadi – Feels Tru – Dizzy Strange Summer

Dopolarians – Guilty Happy – Clandestine 2019 Highlights

Playlist for Learn How to Knit with David Borts, September 2nd, 2020

Aired 11PM-1AM

Arcana – Infinity – As Bright as a Thousand Suns

bel canto – A shoulder to the Wheel – Birds of Passage

In The Nursery – Miracle Road – Exhibit

Love Spirals Downwards – City Moon – Flux

Hrvatski – Paint It Black – Swarm & Dither

Meg Lee Chin, Martin Atkins – Swallowing You – Dr. Speedlove Presents: Chemical Warfare (Mix Mix Boom Boom)


Tony Price – Interview – Interview / Discount

Serge Gainsbourg, Michel Colombier – Psychastenie (Miles’ drum edit)

Pigface – Closer To Heaven – Easy Listening

Primal Scream – Slip Inside This House – Screamadelica

Primal Scream – Higher than the Sun: A Dub Symphony in Two Parts – Screamadelica


The Orb – Ital Orb (Too Blessed to Be Stressed Mix) – Abolition of the Royal Familia

Sheep On Drugs, Bagman – Strange Days – Dr. Speedlove Presents: Chemical Warfare (Mix Mix Boom Boom)

Controlled Bleeding – Trang & I – High Priests of Electronic Dub

Pigface – Kiss King (Saint James Mix) – Below the Belt


Pigface – Radio Bagpipe (Martin Vs 909 Fight To The Death Mix) – Clubhead

Martin Atkins & The Chicago Industrial League – The Spirit of Christmas – An Industrial Christmas Carol

Pigface – Empathy (Front Muted) – Feels Like Heaven… Sounds Like Shit!


DJ Donna Summer – Chicken Dance – Monster of Cock Rock Disco

Playlist for Powerclashing with DJ Pethie, September 2nd, 2020

Aired 8-11PM

Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila – s/t

Harry Nilsson – Together – Aerial Ballet

Slits – Difficult Fun – Return of the Giant Slits

LWW/Luke Wyland – POR(EDT) – POR(EDT)

The Sound – I Can’t Escape Myself – Jeopardy

The Liminanas – Je ne suis pas tres drogue – s/t

(Bed Music: Kelpe – Intermission)

Sister Sledge – Do the Funky Do – Together

Antena – Sissexa – Camino Del Sol

Giant Swan – The Plaque – Whities 016

Chris&Cosey – Driving Blind – Songs of Love & Lust

Bryan Ferry – Carrickfergus – The Bride Stripped Bare

Amon Tobin – Saboteur – Supermodified

Novalis – Dronsz – Soul Jazz: Deutsche Electronische Musik

Cluster – Heisse Lippen – Zuckerzeit

Yusef Lateef – Purple Flower – Eastern Sounds

*Turning Jewels into Water – Flower in Flames – Our Reflection Adorned…

Brigitte Bardot – Un jour comme un autre – BB 64

Brigitte Fontaine – Ah Que la vie est belle – Ah Que la vie est belle

Brigitte Fontaine – L’ete l’ete – Comme a la radio

Don Cherry/Ed Blackwell – Makondi – El Corazon

Patrick Cowley – 5oz of Funk – Muscle Up

Julia Holter – Gold Dust Woman – single

Stargard – Disco Rufus – s/t

Orchestre Super Borgou de Parakou – Sembe Sembe Boudou – The Bariba Sound

Lifetones – Good Side – For a Reason

Maximum Joy – Simmer til Done – single

Angel Olsen – (We Are All Mirrors) – Whole New Mess

Riechmann 0 Himmelblau – Wunderbar

Eno Moebius Roedelius – The Belldog – After the Heat

Harald Grosskopf – So weit,so gut – Synthesist

Liars – Cred Woes – TFCF

Battles – Ambulance – Juice B Crypts

RAKTA – Fim do Mundo – Falha Comum

itchy-O – Gallow’s Disco – From the Overflowing

Robert Wyatt – Sea Song – Rock Bottom

Brainticket – Places of Light – Cottonwoodhill

Minnie Riperton – Lew Fleurs – Come to my garden

Underworld – Jumbo – Beaucoup Fish

Playlist for Free4All with Number 6, August 31st, 2020

Aired 11PM-2AM

Nazz-Wildwood Blues-S/T

*Eli Winter-Dark Light-Unbecoming

*George Shaw-Phone Home-Encounters

Dan Ar Braz-Borders Of Salt-Borders Of Salt

David Van Tieghem-InAGaddaDaVida-Single


David & David-Welcome To The Boomtown-Boomtown

Jade Warrior-Wind Borne-Elements: The Island Anthology

Mazzy Star-Into Dust-So Tonight That I Might See

The Sundays-Wild Horses-Blind

Wolf Larsen-If I Be Wrong-Quiet At The Kitchen Door


Fever Ray-Keep The Streets Empty For Me-S/T


*Frank Potenza-Freddie’s Dead-Sand Dance

*Mumia-Massacre Da Serra Electrica 2-S/T

Judge Dread-Big Six-The Beast Of

Judge Dread-Big Seven-The Beast Of


Martin Roth-An Analog Guy In A Digital World-Chilltronica No. 6

DJ Lava-The Lord Is With Us (Original Mix)-Single

Yakuro-Constellation Of Tatyana-Single


Hans Zimmer-Now We Are Free (Magdelayna Remix)-Single

Sascha Funke-Mango-Mango

Worakis-Coeur De La Nuit-Single


Dreaming Cooper-The Water Element-Mysterious Places

Neuroq-Exrernal Intention-Single

Bright Eyes-First Day Of My Life-I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning