WPRB Business OfficeAdvertising on WPRB is a way of promoting your business locally to a range of loyal and desirable customers. WPRB’s freeform programming enables your message to reach a diverse base of dedicated listeners, as our weekly schedule is sure to have something for everyone. Our listeners understand the value of local and independent music, and appreciate businesses that are similarly geared toward their community.

Build a connection with one audience

Rather than standard commercial radio advertising, WPRB contracts local businesses to “underwrite” our programming. Underwriting differs in several key ways from traditional advertising in that it adheres to certain constraints: announcements do not mention price, events, discounts or testimonials, and the language employed is generally more professional and explains the nature of your business. The thirty-second clip may, for example, provide a brief description of your services, location, and contact information. Our underwriting team will work with you to draft a script, after which our production crew will record the spot and schedule it to air. In this way, your business will be highlighted as a supportive enterprise of WPRB’s not-for-profit programming.

Community-Supported Independent Radio

WPRB receives funding from both listener donations and businesses that share WPRB’s offbeat, grassroots ethos. Because our listening community supports our operational costs, WPRB has the unique advantage of being able to offer underwriting to businesses we trust at a uniquely low price. We value the opportunity to partner with small, local businesses and organizations whose missions and products align with the tastes of our eclectic listener base.

For more information, contact our Sales Director ([email protected]) for a rate card and media kit.

Advertise across media

The Nassau Weekly, founded in 1979 by Robert Faggen, Marc Fischer (now a senior editor for The Washington Post), and David Remnick (now Editor-in-Chief of The New Yorker magazine), is the second largest student publication at Princeton University. The newsmagazine typically contains a blend of news, reviews, fiction, poetry, and other college-oriented material. The Nassau Weekly is owned by the Princeton Broadcasting Service, an umbrella organization which also owns WPRB 103.3 FM. The newsmagazine is published and distributed on a weekly basis to dining halls, academic and social common areas, and eating clubs on campus. Print advertising spots can be purchased for just The Nass, or negotiated as part of a joint package. Email [email protected] for advertising rates and more information.